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WELCOME TSA 2016-17!!!!

Here are your TSA Officers for 2016/2017:

Alexandra Winant - Senior (President)

Nina Samuel -   Senior (Vice-President)

Arpan Sahoo -  Junior (Secretary)

Carey Lau   - Junior (Treasurer)

Phoebe Dijour - Junior (Sergeant-at-Arms)  

Julia Nager - Junior (Reporter)  

 Kathryn Medrow - Junior (Historian) 


ALL MEMBER Meetings happen one a month on last Thursday 2nd half lunch. 


BTHS No Species Team featured in New Verizon App Challenge 2015


Welcome to TSA (Technology Student Association)





Technology Student Association (TSA) is an international Career and Technical Student Organization that reaches out to students who have interests and talents in technology of all sorts. The club offers its members opportunities to learn through competing in a wide array of exciting and challenging competitive events, to showcase their hidden talents, and to pursue their interests. The diversity of activities in TSA makes it a positive experience for every student. There are 33 high school-level events that range from Biotechnology Design to Music Production, all of which challenge students to use and improve their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Overall, TSA strives to prepare its members for the annual TSA NJ High School State Conference held at The College of New Jersey, where members of TSA from various high schools in New Jersey compete in hopes of moving on to the National Conference.


Welcome to TSA 2015/2016 

Here are your TSA Officers for 2015/2016:

Alex Yang - Senior (President)

Ben Brik -   Senior (Vice-President)

Nina Samuel -  Junior (Secretary)

Julia Nager   - Sophomore (Treasurer)

Arpan Sahoo - Sophomore (Sergeant-at-Arms)  

Alexandra Winant - Junior (Reporter)  

Ally Spak  -  Senior (TED-ED Chairperson) (Historian) 


Declared Competitions - BTHS TSA 2015