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2019 Jersey Shore Science Fair Results

Special Award:
Ayush Upadhyay: The Paul Saraduke, Jr. Award
Zar Raganas: NJ Water Environment Association and the State Chapter of the Water Environment Federation ($500)

First Place: 
Annika Agarwal- Biochemistry (Upper Division)
Zar Raganas- Environmental Science (Upper Division)
Grace Abbud- Medicine & Health (Intermediate Division)
Kush Chaudhari- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Ayush Upadhyay- Physics (Upper Division)
Ethan Zheng-Zoology (Upper Division)

Second Place: 
Cameron Jengo- Biochemistry (Upper Division)
Erica Yasharpour- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Shreya Gupta- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Chris Liding, Alan Rza, Skanda Sai- Intermediate Team Competition

Third Place: 
Alyssa Thomas- Behavioral and Social Sciences (Upper Division)
Rhea Arya- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Anisha Singh, Ashley Wang-Intermediate Team Competition

Honorable Mention: 
Reina Samuel- Botany (Upper Division)
Erin Quinn- Botany (Upper Division)
Eesha Balar- Botany (Upper Division)
Sanjit Basker- Environmental Science (Upper Division)
Jeremy Lesser- Medicine & Health (Intermediate Division)
Benjamin Swinchoski- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Anne Chu- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Bridget Corpus- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Jonas Simmons- Zoology (Upper Division)
Alison Cheung-Zoology (Upper Division)
Simren Shah, Zain Salloum, Alena Nag- Intermediate Team Competition
Brooke Arend, Gabby Chin, Gauri Lahoti-Intermediate Team Competition
Sharanya Datta, Priya Thamburaj-Intermediate Team Competition


Mia Jay: 2019 BTHS Caring Award Winner

BTHS proudly named Mia Jay as its recipient of the 2019 Monmouth County Guidance Director Association's Caring Award!

Mia, along with her parents, Mr. Brown and Mr. Meehan attended the Caring Award Ceremony on March 21 where she was presented with the award and a scholarship!

Mia Jay: 2019 Caring Award Video


Biotech Battle Of The Classes 2018

By: Sarah Memon

After months of preparation and anticipation, the long-awaited Battle of the Classes occurred on Friday, December 21st in the MPR, the day before Winter Break. This year’s BOTC consisted of a multitude of events. There were a total of 10 events this year. Some of the competitions included The Voice, Pictionary, and the Improv Dance.

There were numerous activities that happened in the days leading up to BOTC. There was Spirit Week, in which all the grades had to dress up according to a specific theme. The daily themes were the following: Wholesome Meme Monday, Ugly Sweater Tuesday. EXTREME Weather Wednesday, Pajama Thursday, and finally Class Color Friday. The sophomores placed fourth, the juniors placed third, the seniors placed second, and the freshmen placed first. Another event was the Coin Jar contest, where students could place pennies in their own jar for 1 point or a dollar for 100 points, but they also could place silver coins in the opposing team’s jar for -1 point. The seniors placed last, followed by the sophomores in third, juniors in second, and yet again the freshmen in first.

The SCH Food Drive, organized by the Students of Service club, was an event to raise money and food donations for Students Change Hunger, but grades could also acquire illustrious BOTC points. The Food Drive occurred from December 3rd to December 12th. The Seniors brought in first place with 497.157 pounds, followed by the sophomores with 398.151 pounds, the juniors with 262.718 pounds, and the freshmen in last with 249.247 pounds. With other contributions such as the Chemistry vs Physics Science Food Donations, Biotechnology High School raised a total of 1539 pounds of food!

The BOTC Hype Videos were shown during lunch the Tuesday before Battle of the Classes. Each grade created a video that was about 90 seconds long to hype their grades up for the big day. The freshman came in fourth, sophomores came in third, seniors came in second, and the juniors succeeded in winning first for the hype video. Here are some of the links for the videos so you can see them for yourself:


The last event that took place before BOTC was the art wall. The freshmen created a Winnie the Pooh inspired wall (because Winnie the Pooh is one of Biotech’s iconic symbol due to Mr. Shafaie and his countless Pooh plushies). The sophomores went with a Sesame Street theme where they called themselves “Smart Cookies” and they were represented by Cookie Monster on the wall. There were other Sesame Street Characters in the colors green, yellow, and orange placed inside the cookie jar to indicate the sophomores consuming the competition. The Juniors represented themselves with a Phoenix where each feather contained the name of a student in the junior class. Their mantra was “Rising above the ashes” because they lost the last two years and they were ready to rise to first place. The senior’s wall was breathtaking with the lights and the mechanical components for the wings of the green dragon they painted. The dragon was pictured to breathe fire, which led into the slogan “Soarin’ Seniors.” As expected, the seniors placed first for their wall, followed by the juniors, then the freshmen, and lastly the sophomores.

The first event to take place the actual day of BOTC was the classic relay race. Some of the activities in the relay race included a three-legged race where the people tied together had to jump rope five times as well. A person also had to consume a cup of jello with chopsticks and another had to juggle a soccer ball. There was also army crawling, leapfrogging, and passing a volleyball. The seniors achieved first place with the juniors closely falling behind in second, freshman in third, and sophomores in fourth.

The next event was the Improv Dance. Two grades would face each other in a dance battle and perform a choreographed routine. The winners would move on to the final round where a random song would be selected and they would have to perform an improv dance routine. The freshmen performed “I Like It” against the juniors who performed “Moves Like Jagger.” The juniors moved on to the final round. The sophomores and seniors faced each other in a thrilling dance battle. After much deliberation, the judges decided that the senior’s performance of “Nonstop” won over the sophomore’s routine of “Where They From.” In the improv dance battle, the juniors had to dance to “Never Gonna Give You Up” and the seniors’ song was “Look Alive” by Drake. In the end, the seniors won the Improv Dance Battle!

After the Improv Dance Battle, the grades competed in a game of Pictionary with biology themed vocabulary. In the first round, the freshmen had to draw a Mitochondria, the sophomores drew a Tabletop Balance, the juniors drew Photosynthesis, and the Seniors drew a graduated cylinder. The Seniors and Juniors guessed their words quickest, so they competed in a second round. In this round, the seniors had to draw a mouse and the juniors drew gel electrophoresis. The seniors guessed their word first and won first place in Pictionary, followed by the juniors, sophomores, then freshmen. The second to last event was Acapella. Each grade had to perform a rendition of the song “Somebody I Used to Know.” The freshmen placed fourth, juniors placed third, seniors placed second, and the sophomores placed first in their first event.

Sophomore Dance Battle:

After much waiting, it was time for the BOTC Dance! The freshmen’s dance included the song “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande and it showcased specific individuals/pairs dancing in the center of a circle. The sophomores dance contained the song “It’s Raining Men” and featured a Kahoot portion where the question was “Who’s Gonna Win BOTC?” and the correct answer was “Sophomores.” The juniors dance had a mix of genres including an Indian dance portion and the song “ZEZE.” Finally, the day ended with the senior's dance. Highlights of their dance included a couple dance and the song “The Greatest Show” from the movie “The Greatest Showman” where all the seniors from the audience joined to take part in the dance. For the dance, seniors came in first, sophomores in second, juniors in third, and the freshmen in fourth.

Sophomore Dance:
Senior Dance:

BOTC ended with the seniors reigning victorious with 850 points. Juniors following behind in second place with 675 points. Sophomores in third place with 525 points and the freshmen in fourth with 425 points. That’s a wrap to Biotech’s Battle of the Classes 2018!


Why Is Biotech So Cold?

By: Annie Zhang

Arguably, one of the most distinctive features of Biotechnology High School is its nippy temperatures. Particularly in the MPR and downstairs labs, frigidity is an expectation for many students. So why is Biotech so cold? Perhaps it has something to do with this old, old tale of Speckled Bacteria and the pokey little microbe:

There once was a Speckled Bacteria, and he collected things. He’d collected the cell membrane and the cell wall, the cytoplasm and the curly DNA, a handful of squat pili and quite a few roly-poly ribosomes. All the things he could find in the land, he collected, and after some time, he'd collected all things but one thing: the floppy flagella. Really, the floppy flagella was just a twirly whirly whip, but Speckled Bacteria had resolved, long before he had even started his pili collection, to collect the flagella and stick it straight on his behind. It was sure, he was certain, to be charming.

The thing with the floppy flagella, however, was that it was stuck on the behind of some other creature already, a little pokey microbe. So when at last Speckled Bacteria collected the floppy flagella, a little pokey microbe was minced for his flagella. And to this day, whenever someone thinks of bacteria, flagella with or without, the cold, cold ghost of a little pokey microbe haunts his (or her) body.

And I suppose that’s also why Biotech is so chilly.


Combating Stress Eating

By: Sanya Jain

Wow, what a busy day. You jump onto your couch and switch on the TV. On impulse, you grab a pack of chips and munch away. You tell yourself you’re only going to eat a few. Before you know it, the bag is empty. You’re feeling better.

There is much truth behind the concept of stress eating. Whether you’re dealing with an upcoming deadline or a big test, stress can trigger our desire for comfort food, pushing us to overeat. These “comfort” foods, usually high in sugar and fats, interfere with our normal eating habits and push us towards making unhealthy choices. In the short term, they provide temporary comfort, but they ultimately fail to solve underlying issues. In fact, studies have shown that stress eating is associated with higher levels of anxiety and the end result is usually significant weight gain.

There is a key distinction between short and long term responses to stress. Short term responses suppress the appetite. Essentially, the adrenal glands are stimulated to release epinephrine and norepinephrine- commonly known as hormones which produce a “flight or fight response,” and push us away from craving food. In a long term response, however, the stress persists. The adrenal glands instead secrete cortisol, which increases levels of hunger. Our body begins to long for energy-dense snacks to fight back the stressors, eventually contributing to weight gain.

Occasionally picking up an unhealthy snack to celebrate doesn’t hurt that much. But if you’re at a point at which your first impulse is to grab a pack of chips to uplift your mood, you can fall into an endless cycle where your real issues are not being addressed. The relief does feel good for a moment, but it’s only temporary, and the emotions that triggered the cravings still persist. Later on, you’ll most likely end up feeling worse due to the guilt that comes with consuming unnecessary calories.

Rest assured, there are a multitude of ways to avoid stress eating. One is that you should face your problems; instead of distracting your thoughts with sugary snacks, address what's troubling you and assess how you can deal with it. Moreover, you can make plans with friends and family. Studies show that comfort foods make us feel less lonely, so you could combat loneliness by spending time with others instead of mindlessly munching. Lastly, there’s always the go-to methods of alleviating stress: going for a walk, exercising, drawing, or meditating. However, if you must indulge, try to limit your portions as much as possible.

To learn more information about stress eating and how you can avoid it, you can visit the website below: