2019 Jersey Shore Science Fair Results
Monday, April 1, 2019 at 3:27 PM
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Special Award:
Ayush Upadhyay: The Paul Saraduke, Jr. Award
Zar Raganas: NJ Water Environment Association and the State Chapter of the Water Environment Federation ($500)

First Place: 
Annika Agarwal- Biochemistry (Upper Division)
Zar Raganas- Environmental Science (Upper Division)
Grace Abbud- Medicine & Health (Intermediate Division)
Kush Chaudhari- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Ayush Upadhyay- Physics (Upper Division)
Ethan Zheng-Zoology (Upper Division)

Second Place: 
Cameron Jengo- Biochemistry (Upper Division)
Erica Yasharpour- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Shreya Gupta- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Chris Liding, Alan Rza, Skanda Sai- Intermediate Team Competition

Third Place: 
Alyssa Thomas- Behavioral and Social Sciences (Upper Division)
Rhea Arya- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Anisha Singh, Ashley Wang-Intermediate Team Competition

Honorable Mention: 
Reina Samuel- Botany (Upper Division)
Erin Quinn- Botany (Upper Division)
Eesha Balar- Botany (Upper Division)
Sanjit Basker- Environmental Science (Upper Division)
Jeremy Lesser- Medicine & Health (Intermediate Division)
Benjamin Swinchoski- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Anne Chu- Medicine & Health (Upper Division)
Bridget Corpus- Microbiology (Upper Division)
Jonas Simmons- Zoology (Upper Division)
Alison Cheung-Zoology (Upper Division)
Simren Shah, Zain Salloum, Alena Nag- Intermediate Team Competition
Brooke Arend, Gabby Chin, Gauri Lahoti-Intermediate Team Competition
Sharanya Datta, Priya Thamburaj-Intermediate Team Competition

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