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We're Back

Welcome to the updated PSFA web page.

It is a work in progress, information will be updated as it becomes available.


What will you find?

The goal of this page is to provide useful and current information to the BTHS parents. Since the school’s website is so nice, we are fortunate that  the PSFA pages will be part of the BTHS website.  It will have the same look and feel as the school’s pages. It will be accessed from the main page of the school and links will be provided to school pages where appropriate.


How is it organized and when is it updated?

We will have current events, similar to the newsletter.  It will have the “Principaled Perspective”, “Dates To Remember”, and “PSFA Presidents Corner”. That will be updated when the newsletter is released. Event updates will be included as needed (like who won the raffle? … Not me... again!).

On the left you will find links to information about the PSFA. Officers info, a PSFA event list, committee info as well as forms for Drivers Ed and SAT prep. The information contained in these links will be updated as needed.


Thanks You's and Comments:

First, I would like to thank Vincent Accettola for all his help in creating and maintaining the website. He has made this a very easy process.

Next, I need feedback. This was my attempt to provide you with the information you may need. If you have any suggestion  please email me tonya001@verizon.net and I will make whatever changes need to be made.

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