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BTHS Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA) is a parent-run, faculty-supported group that helps enrich the experiences of our students. We support our school in many ways, such as by providing research materials, funding school trips, clubs, etc.

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Picnic tables fundraiser

 Let's make BTHS more amazing for 2021-22!

The PSFA is donating to our school tables, seating, and games, for a new outoor picnic area located outside of the MPR.

We need your help for this-parent-funded project. The more we raise, the more we can do!


Breaking news! We achieved our goal of funding all the tables via family sponsoring. Thank you all for your generosity! We are still accepting donations to fund extra equipment for the area.

Way to go, BTHS community! 

We are accepting contributions to this project through PayPal
(No account needed).
Thank you!

As an alternative, scan the following QR code using your phone:

If you prefer a donation by check, please send it to the school, along with our donation campaign form


PayPal - PSFA Membership Payment

We are accepting Membership Fees through PayPal (No account needed).
Thank you!

One-time only, 4 Year PSFA Membership Fee $150

Or  if you have the PayPal app in your device, simply open it and scan the following QR code:


Annual Donation Campaign

Dear BTHS families,

Thank you to all those who have become PSFA members, as well to those who have supported our fundraisers during the year!

Despite the challenging times, our PSFA continues working hard with the goal of enriching the school experience for everyone.

We are launching our Annual Donation Campaign, with the aim of obtaining funds to support our projects and activities during the rest of the year.

Please consider contributing with the suggested gift of $200 (or any amount you chose). Your donations are tax deductible! 


We are accepting Donations through PayPal (No account needed).

Thank you!


Please mark this as "Annual donation" and provide your full name and email address

Or  if you have the PayPal app in your device, simply open it and scan the following QR code:



Clothing and Shoe Drive

Dear BTHS families,

Spring into action this spring by helping BTHS-PSFA raise funds by cleaning out your closets, basements, attics, and garages. 

We are excited to announce that PSFA is organizing a Clothing and Shoe drive fundraiser between April 23 - 25, 2021 at 304 Rock Oak Road, Freehold. We are looking forward to your help and support to make this fundraiser a huge success!!!

Please see the flyer for additional details on the Clothing and Shoe Drive.

Thank you in advance for considering donating your old stuff to raise money to help the school. The PSFA uses the funds raised at various events like this to make your student’s experience at BTHS better. This is also an opportunity for you to reduce, reuse, recycle your gently used clothes and shoes to benefit the community.  Hope to see you there!