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CAS Meeting For Seniors 11.14.18


CAS Updates for Juniors

CAS information, updates, reminders, etc. for juniors

All forms, information and other resources for CAS availabe on the CAS Page of our Website - www.soutai-kon.com/cas

Below is an overview of what you should be doing and thinking about now ...

Open CAS Meetings

  • Drop in meetings w/Advisors to ask any questions
  • Brown / Krauter - in Guidance Suite, all of lunch on Wednesdays, Dec 3, 10 & 17
  • Siter - in Fitness Room, all of lunch on Fridays, Dec 5, 12, 19

Advisor Assignment Changes 

  • There were some changes made with Mrs. Warnock leaving and Mrs. Rosner being out. 


  • Learn how to verify your CAS Activities through the Supervisor Evaluation Form or alternative evidence; see CAS Handbook, page 25 for directions.

Timeline / Checkpoints

  • You should complete 20 hours of CAS activities per marking period. Over the course of 6 marking periods (4 as a junior, first 2 of senior year) this will give you 120 hours 
  • You should complete 30 hours of CAS activities during the summer between jr/sr year 
  • Beginning in marking period 3 of junior year, CAS Checkpoints will count as graded LEAP assignments.
  • At the beginning of marking period 3, you will need to have: (1) your folder set up correctly (2) your activity log updated (3) 40 hours completed and documented. This will be your first graded assignment for Junior LEAP.

Plan Activities

  • You should have an overall plan for your 18 month CAS Program and how you'll complete the 150 hours. Review the initial plan that you made at the end of sophomore year (CAS Planning Guide) and update.


More Advice on Choosing Activities - View CAS in the context of college admissions

One of the best ways to approach CAS is as intentional resume building for your college applications. The way to distinguish yourself from students with similar grades and SAT scores is to engage in significant activities outside of the classroom that help you grow as a person. When you're applying to colleges next fall, you'll complete the Common App Activities List, where you describe your (up to) 10 most important activities. Here's a suggestion: print and fill out the Common App Activities List now. What have been your most important activities in high school so far? How can you can extend on them through CAS? What new activities could you begin through CAS that could boost your Activities Resume?


Getting Started With CAS


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