Official IB Extended Essay Guide (full web version | pdf) - Document from IB with all subject areas and rubrics. This can be a lengthy document to navigate, but the formatting information and assessment criteria are worth reading. 

Find the subject-specific information (including subject-specific rubrics) and sample papers for your topic choice below. These papers almost all received a score of an A, with those receiving a score of a B marked as such. There are very brief descriptions along with each paper to provide insight into the source of the paper, as well as the general subject matter. Note: DO NOT use these for overall formatting! These samples are mostly from the previous version of the guide, and some elements (e.g. abstracts are no longer used) have changed.

BTHS EE Student Guide 

EE Presentation - Dr. Rogers's presentation to the Class of 2020

IB Rubric - Advice for Students 

Unofficial EE Formatting Guide - Helpful if you're not sure where to start on formatting your paper. It is not a rule that it must be formatted like this, but this would be an acceptable structure -- you can just copy/paste into your own document and complete it with your own information!

Assessed Student Work for the 2018 IB EE Curriculum

Reflection and the EE

BTHS Reflection Session Guide

APA, MLA, and Chicago Style Formatting Guides (external link to Online Writing Lab, Purdue University)